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Rental Kitchen Design: What To Do?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing DIY - What To Do

Sometimes we can’t always redecorate our kitchens the way we want to, especially if we are renting. As most of you know, rental kitchens can be less than ideal and unless you have that one in a million landlords that will let you completely redo the kitchen (on their dime), you are stuck with it. There are some things you can do to make the kitchen more your style and less like a rental. Remember, each of these suggestions is meant to be temporary and you want to return the kitchen to its original look when you move out.

Ugly cabinets are the worst (and calling Northeast Dream Kitchens to reface them would be an awesome option if you are allowed) and there are times when even a good coat of paint isn’t the solution, or an alternative. The answers depend on what the cabinets look like. If you have honey oak cabinets, consider giving the walls a darker coat of paint or even paint the backsplash with chalkboard paint. If chalkboard paint isn’t an option, there are removable alternatives that work just as well. If you have dark cabinets, choose a lighter color for the walls the back splash. Color in the room distracts from the cabinets.

Another solution is to “slipcover” the cabinets. There are many types of contact paper (be sure you know how to remove it before you leave), you can use on the cabinets. Remove the doors and put pretty contact paper in the back and white contact paper on the front for a minimalist look.

Lighting is always an issue in a rental kitchen, but you  don’t have to suffer through. Try using floor lamps, under the cabinet lighting, replace the lighting with something more to your taste (just be sure to keep the old to swap it back out), or place a table lamp on the counter if you have the space. Not only will you be able to brighten the kitchen, but you will be able to personalize the space.

One of the biggest complaints in rental kitchens is lack of space. Try adding a cutting board over the sink, a fold out table that can be used for prep and then folded down when you need more space. A rolling cart with your prep items can be moved around the room or even in another room when not in use. Or, if you can add a small set of shelves with a piece of butcher block on top, not only does this give you storage, it also gives you more counter space.

Rental kitchens aren’t always going to be beautiful, but with a few little tweaks you can create a space that is all yours. (or you can talk your landlord into calling us!).