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What Happened To The Traditional Dinner?

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The family meal has changed no doubt about it. With our busy schedules there just never seems to be enough time to prepare a meal from scratch (Why take the time when there are so many ready-made options available, right?). Even with the advent of beautiful, more functional kitchens, mealtime has changed significantly.

Although there are still some countries like China, France, and Japan, which have rigid meal times, the rest of the globe seems to be on the same track as the United States. Meal times that fit our schedule, not scheduled meal times. Did you know that on a global scale lunch is the only consistent mealtime?

The traditional American family meals have only been around for about 150 years and was  started during the Victorian Era, prior to then, meals were fit the time available between working and sleeping. But, believe it or not there is a benefit to saving the American family dinner.

One of the biggest benefits of a family meal is the socialization and interaction we receive from one another. In an autonomous world of social media, texting, and surfing the Web, we have begun to lose the art of face-to-face conversation. Not only have that, but more and more American’s lost the knowledge of how to transform basic whole foods into meals. Our family traditions are not being shared from a parent to child, and most children today do not know their way around a kitchen.

Why not recreate the family meal and create new traditions by taking time, even if it is only one day a week and to have a traditional family meal? Make the entire event a family affair and have your children help you by prepping vegetables or even cooking small portions of the meal.

Another way, to enjoy home cooked family meals and your family, is to find ways to save time while you are in the kitchen. Double up when you are preparing a meal. If you are making lasagna, double the recipe and freeze it for another night. Or, prep everything once a month, not only does this give you more time with your family, it also helps you make sure there is always time for a home cooked meal.

Kitchen design will continue to evolve as will our family structure and the needs of our families, so why not have the family meal change too? Instead of eating on the run, schedule time with your family. Turn off the television, put down the phones and enjoy each other.

Northeast Dream Kitchens can help you find that special kitchen to help you rebuild your family time and enjoy the room you are doing it in. Ask us how we can create a working kitchen that can still be the heart of your home.