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Kitchen Remodeling & Kitchen Cabinets: Backsplash Design

Your kitchen is a reflection of your personality and your lifestyle. So how do you find a tile backsplash that meets your needs and matches your personality?

Whether your taste leans towards the refined or whether it leans towards something a bit more funky, tile backsplashes can capture the looking you are seeking. The backsplash you choose will take up the space between your countertop and your upper cabinets. You may also want to use it in the space between the range and the vent hood.Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Light Colored Backsplash Kitchen Trends


Traditional of contemporary, the backsplash is one of the main focal points of your kitchen. Here are a few points to consider when making your tile selection:

Try matching colors and mixing materials. Sometimes it is hard to choose between a few styles, try taping color and tile samples to the wall spaces you intend to use them on and live with them for a bit. This will give you an opportunity to see them in different lighting throughout the day.

Your choice of countertop will determine your choice of tile (typically). Add tiles that will compliment your countertop, but have enough contrast to stand apart.

More often than not the space above the sink and the range are much larger and demand more visual attention. Try playing with tile designs in these areas. Add different patterns of the same tile or add different complementary tiles to change the look and tie the kitchen together.

If you love color, try adding a tile backsplash mosaic made with complementary colors and shapes. Use metallic tiles or glass tiles to add a shimmering effect.Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Tile Backsplash Kitchen Trends


Patterned tiles offer a colorful statement and can tie the different elements of your kitchen together.

Use large tiles in a small kitchen or small tiles in the large kitchen for contrast.

Avoid trendy tiles when you are on a budget. Classic white ceramic tile is more cost effective. Add a few contrasting elements in your larger spaces to keep the area exciting.

Adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen design can be a fun expression of who you are. The sales staff at Northeast Dream Kitchens is here to help you find the right kitchen personality to meet you lifestyle needs. Stop by our showroom today to learn more about your new kitchen.