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The History of Kitchens

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The kitchen is the heart of the home or at least it is in modern society, but have you ever wonder about the advent of the American Kitchen? With all of our modern technology and almost everything ready at the touch of a finger, we can’t imagine kitchens with less, but up until the 20th-Century kitchens were an afterthought.

Early kitchens were designed for food storage and minimal cooking; it is easy to see why kitchen design was primitive at best. In the late 19th, Century iron cook stoves became easier to acquire, and cities began to commercialize water, gas, and electricity the idea of making kitchens more function became a reality. Thanks to scientist and business Frederick Taylor, the theory that there is a science to efficiency that deals with movement and space. These theories help push kitchen design and the process of preparing food to the forefront of home designs.

The 1920s brought sanitation-consciousness into public view, and the all-white kitchen became popular. The thinking, it is harder for dirt to hide in a white kitchen.

Ever heard of the Hoosier cabinet? These cabinets rose to popularity in the 1920s because of their efficiency of design and space to hold everything.

The 1930s heralded in electric appliances, and the kitchen became the place to be. The ease brought about by electrical appliances made Mom’s life easier. Every kitchen now had an icebox and the daily chore of shopping for supplies like butter, milk, and meat was no more. Colored kitchens became allthe rage and people began to make the kitchen a fun place to be.

After war times, the 1950s post-war housing brought the kitchen front and center. U-shaped kitchens became popular, and the concept of the work triangle maximized mom’s time in the kitchen. Kitchen islands, double ovens and separate cooktops came about in the 1950s.

Women in the 1970s found they had better things to do than to slave over a hot stove. Kitchen design was put on the back burner, literally. Weird color combinations like harvest gold and avocado green are the popular kitchen colors of the 70s.

Cookbook shelves, pot racks, pegboards,and wine racks are all part of a well-equipped kitchen in the 1980s. Show off your cooking skills in your light, bright, modern kitchen.

As homes grew, so did kitchens in the 1990s. Kitchens are now considered the most important room in your home. Restaurant style appliances, granite countertops, and high-end cabinets are elements of the perfect kitchen.

Today smaller kitchens with warm woods, professional equipment, and a place for everything are making a comeback. Northeast Dream Kitchens is here to help you turn your kitchen into the favorite room in your home. Visit one of our showrooms and find out how you can make it happen.