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Kitchen Must Haves

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - Kitchen Design Must HavesNo matter if you are an everyday cook or a high-end chef there are certain things your kitchen needs to run efficiently. All-in-one tools that were created to take the place of some of these items, but for everyday cooks there is no need for fancy gadgets; just a few things to keep your kitchen running smoothly.
Believe it or not the simple wooden spoon is one of the first items you should have in your kitchen. With all of those fancy pots and pans, you want to be sure to preserve the coating and the bottom of them. Wooden spoons are versatile, easy on your pans, and are easy to clean. If you are going to an eco-friendly kitchen consider getting bamboo spoons. They are durable, can be put in the dishwasher, and are made from a sustainable product.
Kitchen shears are another must have. Kitchen shears can be used for so many different things, just remember to keep them sharp and clean. With a good set you can cut chicken and trim flower stems, just don’t do it at the same time!
Remember when you were a child, and you were excited if mom let you lick the spatula. A good set of spatulas in varying sizes help with your baking endeavors.
You always hear how important good knives are, but they can be pretty pricey. Well, consider this, if taken care of properly good knives can last you for more than just a couple of years. Knives are kind of funny, if they soak in water too long they begin to dull. Remember to wash them by hand, dry them immediately, and find a knife holder that will sharpen them every time you place the blades in it. All you really need is a chef, paring and serrated knife to get the job done.
There are different types of cutting board and which one you purchase depends on your preference. It is recommended that you have one board for produce and one for meats for sanitation purposes. If you are looking for a sustainable product consider a bamboo cutting board. Just like the knives, careful maintenance of the board helps it last for a lifetime. Bamboo is great for vegetables and fruit. Antibacterial boards are better for meats.
Have you ever noticed we never have enough room in the kitchen for all of our things? Find good bowls that stack and you have taken care of half the battle. A variety of bowl sizes help you organize your cooking.
Blenders have multiple uses (all of which are perfect for the everyday home), from chopping, to blending, to pureeing, to making that smoothie you are drinking in the morning, the blender is a must have.
As easy as the dump method is, there are times when precise measuring is required (remember the time you put too much salt in the chocolate chip cookies?). A good set of measuring cups and spoons makes the job of measuring so much easier. Find a set of multiple sizes and a ring to keep them altogether.
Metal and mesh strainers also have multiple purposes, from cleaning produce to draining your pasta pot.
About those fancy pots, we mentioned earlier; you really only need a few. A good frying pan, a couple of saucepans, and a large pasta pot will get you by.
Tongs act as an extension of your hand. Imagine grabbing hot pasta or other food with your bare hands. Ouch!
Finally, good, rimmed baking sheets can go from making cookies (yum!) to roasting meats.
Simple, but good quality products will help improve your cooking and make your kitchen more efficient. Go for high quality over cost, and it really will save you money in the long-run.
If finding space for your new items is an issue give the sales staff at Northeast Dream Kitchens a call and we can help you find the right cabinet options to give you maximum space.  Happy cooking!