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A Man’s Guide to the Perfect Kitchen

Northeast Dream Kitchens Connecticut - Man's Guide Kitchen Appliances


Alright, boys, we know you don’t want to hear it, but a refrigerator full of ketchup packets and beer is not the refrigerator of an adult. We know that cooking probably takes more time and energy than you want to expend, but wouldn’t you want to learn if there were more guy inspired products?

We found a great list of items to help you build the perfect kitchen. Take a look!

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Man's Guide Kitchen Appliances


  • Let’s start with something that can be loads of fun if you let it, the food processor. Now this might not look like anything more than a food destroyer, but in reality, this little invention can save you loads of time and even money. Use it to chop your vegetables, grind nuts, and even make potato puree.

  • Blenders should be the staple of every kitchen (think margarita). Use it to make smoothies after your workout.
  • Don’t look at us funny, but we strongly suggest investing in an apron. Aprons will keep your clothes from getting those unwanted and sometimes unremovable grease stains. With so many apron options, we are sure you can find one that will fit your personality.

  • Kitchen towels and oven mitts are a necessity. They each serve a purpose; one is for cleaning, the other is for keeping you out of the hospital with second degree burns on your hands. We are sure you can figure out which one is which.

  • A 16-quart stockpot is great for corn on the cob to chili. If you are into stews, this is the pot for you.

  • Cast iron skillets are another kitchen staple that will allow you to cook anything from eggs to lasagnas. Use it on the stovetop or in the oven.

  • Please, we beg you; have at least one good knife in your kitchen. A quality knife is well worth the investment and will last you a lifetime.

  • If you decide to delve into the world of knives even further, a serrated knife will be useful for slicing breads or chopping cabbage. Think of it as a mini saw for your harder food items.

  • Class up your store bought salt and pepper shakers with a matching set of salt and pepper grinders.

  • How many times have you drained pasta by placing the pot against the sink? A colander is a great investment for draining your pasta and washing your produce. Think of it as a two-for-one deal.

  • If you decide to get ambitious and learn how to bake, a set of rubber spatulas is the perfect kitchen accessory. Use them to get the last bit of batter or sauce out of a container.


  • Now that you have learned how to cook, you may want to invest in a tasting spoon. We think you can figure out the use of it by the name alone.

  • Basting brushes are great for indoor and outdoor cooking and come in a range of sizes. Use them to baste meat or vegetables to make the most of your marinade.

  • Don’t forget the spices. Start simple; sea salt, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic powder, onion powder, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary, thyme, and sage. You food will be more flavorful, and your recipe repertoire will increase.