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Color Trends for 2015

Color. Trending colors are an ever evolving science, but one thing is for certain, we tend to gravitate towards it. In 2015 color pallets are beginning to change, moving away from stark white to more neutral earthy colors. These color pallets follow the trend of homes becoming Greener and floor plans becoming more open.

The definition of neutral is changing, and there are some surprises in 2015. Gray is still a great neutral color that has been gaining popularity for the past few years. Combined with pops of color like orange, white cabinets, and warm wood countertops, a gray kitchen becomes an inviting space any cook would be happy to work in.

Consider olive, not the color you would normally associate with neutral, but imagine olive cabinets with warm wood floors, a golden yellow background, and black or dark granite countertops. The olive becomes the neutral color and ties all of these elements together. Often described as warm and organic, there are different variations of olive green, so be sure you test a few hues first to be sure you have the color to match your vision.

Creamy colors are a traditional neutral background that can be combined with many different hues, from lavender to various blues and greens. This year’s trend leans more towards creamy colors with golden hues, creating a warm sunny feeling in your kitchen.

If you are looking to make a statement consider adding accent walls in a rich color. Greek blue is a bright color resembling the sea. Think of Santorini and the blue roofs; mix your blue statement with either white or light color cabinets (too dark and you will lose the impact of your blue decision). Add accents like yellow or even sour green to add some fun to your kitchen.

Some trend predictions lead towards the pastel colors of the 1980s. Light pinks, blues, yellows, and greens mixed with dark wood cabinets can bring a bit of whimsy to your kitchen. Keep the fixtures modern, and you have a great twist on an old idea.

White kitchens have their beauty too. Consider mixing dark wood countertops and flooring to bring warmth to the look. Use oil rubbed fixtures or a colored sink to keep the kitchen from looking sterile.

Home trends and kitchen trends alike are focused on simplicity, warmth, and functionality. Northeast Dream Kitchens can help you find the right kitchen pallet to meet your family’s needs. Ask our expert designers about your favorite 2015 color trend.