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Northeast Dream Kitchen a bit of whimsy

Upgrading your kitchen can be fun and exciting, but have you ever noticed how much stuff you find that you forgot you even had? Instead of throwing these things away why not upcycle them and add a little whimsy to your new kitchen. Create fun talking pieces from all that old “junk”.

If you aren’t ready to go all out with the upcycling process, start with something simple like lighting. Use materials that wouldn’t necessarily be considered for lighting. Old colanders can be hung on the wall and lit from behind, or they can be used as pendant lamps over a bar. Other great pendant light options are stoneware mixing bowls, old wisks, large mugs, old wine bottles, even tin cans; just suspend them from the ceiling with a simple exposed light bulb. Do you ever end up with 20 forks and only two spoons? Try creating a flatware chandelier with all the mismatched pieces.

Speaking of flatware, why not use it to add some style to your new kitchen. Use old spoons to create door and drawer handles. Bend forks to create wall hooks or curtain tie-backs. And, if you are feeling creative, use old forks and knives to create napkin rings.

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Storage is always an issue in any kitchen, and we sometimes forget there are simple solutions to make our lives easier. If you have space in your new kitchen, instead of building a brand new island, create one out of old pieces of furniture. Vintage chests of drawers can be placed back-to-back with a piece of butcher block on top to create small item storage solutions and a great place to prep. Old file cabinets painted a bright color are also a great island in the making. Again, just add some butcher block and presto! A new kitchen island with plenty of storage.

If you have a junk drawer, try using old muffin tins to collect the tiny things or have your children use them to sort coins when you have them. Adhere old cheese graters to the wall upside down and use them to store pens and pencils.

Tin cans are another great storage saver. You can paint them or leave the labels on depending on how adventurous you would like to be. Store your cooking utensils, flatware, candles, or herbs.

Use old rolling pins as wall racks and wooden spoons as towel racks. Cake pans can become picture holders or wall clocks.

Just about anything in your kitchen can be repurposed into something, so take another look at that pile of junk. Northeast Dream Kitchens is here to help you find the right style for your kitchen makeover. With our help and your creativity, you can have the kitchen of your dreams.