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With most manufactured products, heavier is better. Not true in the wood cabinet world. The lighter a cabinet, the better the quality. This is because manufactured wood (MDF or Particle Board) and plastic weighs much more than real plywood and solid wood doors.

Our new kitchen cabinets and doors are made from all wood products, not pressed or glued wood. We offer real plywood and real solid hardwoods, and our cabinet products are manufactured in the US.

New Cabinets - Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Most of the wood products and cabinets we offer are certified as having been responsibly forested.

We offer cabinets from several different manufacturers with a range of facings, finishes and woods, including our own line made here in Hamden, CT.

We offer stock sizes and are able to customize as needed.

If you would like to learn more about how our cabinets are constructed, just ask, we are happy to tell you. We invite you to visit one of our largest showrooms located at ARTS Appliance, 92 State Street, North Haven, CT; or you can watch new cabinets being created in our cabinet shop in Hamden, CT.

We have every imaginable color, finish, door style and hardware available.

Most of our clients receive personalized samples of their selections to help with their project decisions.

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