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Kitchen Design: Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Black Granite Countertops - Modern Kitchen Design

Going Green, eco-friendly, reduced carbon footprint, how many times have you heard these phrases? Do you ever think about applying any of these phrases to your kitchen design? Consider this, a kitchen made of sustainable products not only reduces your carbon footprint, but creates a healthy space for your family too.

Green kitchens include use of sustainable products, environmentally friendly cleaners, and recycling centers to help reduce the amount of waste your family produces. Green kitchens do have to have a complete overhaul, but you can do some small things to make a large impact.

Start with recycling. If you have space in your kitchen, reuse one of the cabinet areas for a recycling center. Use deep sliding drawers to hold recycling bins for glass, plastic, and paper, the sliding door will allow you to keep the recyclables hidden from the guests and readily available to you.

How many paper towels do you use in a week? Do you grab an enormous handful every time you wipe the counter? Or, do you use paper towels to dry your hands? Consider using cloth towels instead. If you are worried about using cloth towels to clean up messes, have some rags on hand. You can clean up the mess and toss them in the laundry.

You have that beautiful faucet, but does it have a water filter on it? In landfills around the U.S., there are enough plastic water bottles to circle the earth over nine times. Using a water filter will help reduce the amount of bottles in landfills and will also help your water taste better.

Switch to cleaners that are non-toxic. Most of us use cleaning chemicals on a regular basis without thinking about what they are doing to your family. By turning to earth friendly and family friendly cleaning products, you are doing good double time. One suggestion if you aren’t sure where to start? White vinegar is one of the best green cleaning products you can use. It disinfects, cleans, polishes, and reduces odors.

Have you ever thought about composting? Composting is a gardener’s best friend and reduces the amount of food waste you are putting in the garbage bin. Composting bins come in all sizes, from apartment versions to large ones. Find one that fits within your kitchen scheme.

Do you ever look at those organizational magazines and see all of the food storage ideas? One great way to improve the environmental friendliness of your kitchen is to reduce the amount of food product packaging. Buy food staples in bulk and store them in cute reusable containers.

It isn’t difficult to begin changing your kitchen over to an eco-friendly kitchen. Take small steps and do your research, and before you know it you will be on your way to helping the environment. Northeast Dream Kitchens is here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Ask us about eco-friendly and sustainable products for your new kitchen.