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Kitchen Renovations: Kitchen Lighting Design

No more florescent lighting! It sounds almost like a mantra for kitchens everywhere and it should be. With the sea of lighting options available, the old stand-by of florescent bulbs is a thing of the past. When thinking of lighting for your new kitchen from Northeast Dream Kitchens, think layers. Layers of lighting help make the kitchen more inviting and also serve the purpose of highlighting the areas where the lighting is being used.

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Modern Kitchen Lighting Designs

The first option in lighting layers is task oriented. When you are working you need plenty of light to see recipes, judge the freshness of the food you are using, and also review the progress of the food as it is cooking. Task lighting is important because it illuminates your work spaces such as counter tops or inside a pantry closet, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Consider using mounted fixtures that shine directly into your workspace. If mounted lighting isn’t an option, track lighting may be. You can adjust the lights to shine where you want, highlighting the best parts of your kitchen.

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Modern Kitchen Stove & Backsplash

Accent lighting is the second layer in your lighting scheme. Accent lighting highlights and adds depth and dimension to your kitchen. Accent lighting may come in the form of under cabinet lighting, toe kick lighting, and over cabinet lighting. When adding accent lighting think of what areas you would like to have highlighted. If you have a beautiful new backsplash, consider under cabinet lighting in the form of LED strips. Toe kick lighting is another option where LED strips may be used.

Kitchen eye-candy lighting is the third layer in your kitchen lighting plan. These are lights that are practical, add ambiance, and accents the room. There are so many options of decorative lighting available now it may take you a while to choose.

Ambient lighting is the final piece to your lighting layering puzzle. These lights are used in eating areas and can be in the form of chandeliers, pendants, or even wall sconces. They can be a visual separation of the kitchen and dining areas.

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Modern Kitchen Lighting

Sunlight is always the ultimate lighting source and can be the tip top of your lighting layering, but if your kitchen doesn’t get a huge amount of sun consider investing in skylights or solar tubes.

No singular layer of light can stand by itself, but together with the other layers will make your kitchen an inviting space you may never want to leave. So think outside the traditional lighting norms and make your kitchen lighting pop.