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Kitchen Design Features: Pullouts, Inserts, and Corner Kitchen Cabinets

There never seems to be enough storage space in our kitchens, no matter how carefully we design the space to maximize storage options. Sometimes in the planning process we forget about the unused areas. Do you see any unused areas in your kitchen? We bet you do.

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Corner cabinets are the black hole of storage. Things go in there but never come out. Often overlooked, corner cabinets can offer fantastic additional storage space. If it is a lower cabinet, consider adding a large Lazy Susan. By turning dead space into usable storage, you can use the area to store things you tend not to use on a regular basis, but may need immediate access to.

If you have deep cabinet space above or below, try adding pullout drawers. The hardware used allows the drawers to easily and smoothly be pulled out of the cabinet. There are two versions of pullouts; the deep drawer and the shallow drawer. Use deep drawers to store your pots and pans, add upright divers to store cookie sheets, cutting boards or cooling racks. Shallow pullout drawers are great for storing dishes, smaller food items in the pantry, or utensils. Both of these options offer easy access to you kitchen tools.

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Try using pullout drawers to organize your recycling or even as a built in dish towel hamper. Pull out baskets are an excellent way to store fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Another lost area is the thin cabinet next to the stove. Add pullout shelves for items you use in everyday cooking, like olive oils, salt, pepper, or cooking utensils. Or, there is always the area around the refrigerator, add a tall, thin pull out to store cleaning supplies, paper towels, or other non-cooking items.

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Now that you have the cabinets organized, it’s time to consider how you are going to organize your drawers. Inserts come in all shapes, sizes and uses. There are inserts for flatware, inserts for kitchen tools, inserts for spices, you name it, and there is an insert for it. If you have the space, consider adding upright flatware inserts into a deep drawer, or use a small shallow drawer to store spices flat for ease of viewing and use. You can organize pot lids and pots with inserts.

Now take another look at your kitchen; do you see the possibilities? Space in your kitchen doesn’t have to be prime real estate if you put the unused spaces to work. If you are considering redesigning or refacing your kitchen cabinets call our sales experts to learn how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.