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Top 5 Kitchen Design Features in Connecticut

When you embark on a kitchen remodel in Connecticut, one of your main goals is likely to improve the functionality of your space. After all, what is the point of a kitchen remodel if it doesn’t make life easier on you? While you can certainly enhance the usability of your kitchen with drastic kitchen design changes, like adding an island or tearing down walls, for this article, we are going to focus on small features that can have a big impact.

A Pot Filler for Convenience

One of the latest trends in Connecticut kitchen design is a pot filler. Essentially, a pot filler is an additional faucet installed directly over your stove; however, it will usually have an adjustable arm to fold the faucet up against the backsplash when not in use.

A Touchless Faucet for Cleanliness

An upgraded faucet is a common addition during a kitchen remodel in Connecticut, and if you are going to replace it anyway, why not opt for a touchless one? Touchless faucets are hot right now in kitchen design for two reasons: one, they let you get the water going with your hands full, and two, they prevent cross-contamination. How many times have you had to turn the faucet on after working with raw chicken? Some touchless faucets, like MotionSense by Moen, can even sense your hand motions to predict what job you are trying to accomplish and then adjust the water flow accordingly.

A Warming Drawer for Entertaining

If you love entertaining, or even cooking large meals for your family, a warming drawer is a must for your kitchen remodel in Connecticut. From the outside, it looks like just another drawer, but it is actually a miniature oven that stays at the perfect temperature to keep the food warm while you are waiting for other dishes to be done, or for your guests to arrive.

An Appliance Garage for Organization

Does the look of your appliances on your countertop drive you crazy, yet you love the convenience of them being plugged in and ready to go? If so, an appliance garage is the kitchen design idea you have been searching for. An appliance garage is just what it sounds like, an enclosed space on the counter to store your appliances that can be accessed by simply opening a door. Most appliance garages are installed in the corners to take up less room, and they include an outlet inside of them so all you have to do is slide out the appliance to use it.

A Hidden USB Outlet Strip for Appearance

Lastly, we arrive at the problem of what to do with wall outlets during your kitchen remodel. You are required to have a certain amount in your kitchen, and you definitely use them, but you despise how they destroy your beautiful backsplash. We get it, and we have the answer: under-counter outlets. During your kitchen remodel, we can install a strip of outlets out of sight yet still very much in reach. And to really catch your kitchen up with the times, we can also include some USB ports for easy use of your devices.

While none of these kitchen design ideas for Connecticut homeowners are that complex, they can make a substantial difference in the functionality of your kitchen. Once they are installed, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. To add any of these practical features to your kitchen remodel, contact Northeast Dream Kitchens today.