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Kitchen Must Haves: Kitchen Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here again and there is still some time to help you find that perfect gift for the chef in your life. The staff at Northeast Dream Kitchen has come up with a top ten list of the most unique kitchen gadgets to help you with that last minute holiday shopping.

The Joseph Joseph USA Gastronomy Glass Worktop

Joseph Joseph USA Gastronomy Glass Worktop

The Joseph Joseph USA Gastronomy Glass Worktop saver is a fun way to save those brand new countertops and a fun way to learn the culinary diversity of the United States. This is a great way to inspire any chef. ($28.00 The color and design of this piece will match any kitchen décor and add a bit of whimsy.

Griddle Pan

Kitchen Griddle Pan Gift Idea

Looking for an all-purpose piece of cookware to help make the life of your chef a bit easier? This griddle pan will quickly toast a piece of bread, make the perfect quesadilla, and brown the crispiest piece of bacon. This griddle has a clean look that will inspire even the pickiest of chefs. This 5-Ply Stainless Steel Round Griddle. (About $49,

Pinch and Pour Measuring Beakers

Pinch Pour Measuring Beakers

If space is a challenge in your new kitchen, these pinch and pour measuring beakers are the perfect solution. These silicone 1-, 2-, and 4- cup flexible containers nest neatly inside one another to save space. ($30.00 for set of three,

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Another great space saving design (although a bit pricier) and one of the most unique is the Deglon Meeting Knife Set. Possibly one of the most unique knife set designs ever made, the Deglon Meeting Knife Set consists of four knives that can nest into each other’s bodies and occupy the space of just a single block when put away (think Russian nesting dolls). This set could very well be considered a piece of art, but don’t be fooled the entire set is durable and functional enough to use for all of your daily kitchen duties. $599.00

Double Timer

Kitchen Double Timer

Sometimes making dinner becomes a multitasking affair with all the different dishes and cook times. This stylish timer lets the cook keep track of time for two dishes at once. (, $18) No more over unnecessary over cooking.

Cutting Board Index

Kitchen Cutting Board

File this idea under “G” for genius. The chopping board set categorizes food prep for optimal food safety with color coding and cute illustrated tabs: red for raw meat, blue for seafood, green for veggies, and white for cooked foods. The sleek silver carrying case has a nonslip bottom, and the boards are dishwasher safe. (, $39.99)

Magnetic Wall Kitchen Storage

Magnetic Wall Kitchen Storage

This effectively utilizes vertical walls as storage space. At Northeast Dream Kitchen’s we try to help you find unique and practical ways to use the space in your kitchen. One thing we though was pretty cool is the magnetic wall kitchen storage. This isn’t your typical holiday gift, but it is a gift that would make a statement. Whether you are an avid chef or an occasional baker, your gadgets take up premium real estate. The Magic Wall can help you store the items you use on a regular basis.The Magic Wall is created out of pretty terrazzo, wood or laminate to your liking

Autonomous Saucier

Autonomous Saucier - Holiday Gifts

Sometimes our chefs need another hand in the kitchen. The Autonomous Saucier automatically stirs sauces and frees your chef up to work on other parts of the meal. The saucier is free standing and has silicone rubber feet to avoid scratching you pot. $39.95

Prep Pad

Prep Cooking Pad - Holiday Gift Ideas

The Prep Pad takes the digital food scale to a whole new level. Part smart scale, part nutritional guide, part dietician, the Prep Pad allows you to not only measure your food, but also determine the nutritional content of everything you place on top. Using an iPad app (iPhone app in the works), you specify what item you are weighing (manually or with a barcode) and it displays helpful dietary information including calories, protein, fats and carbs. Price $149.95

Foodie dice

Foodie Dice Holiday Gift Ideas

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight or are you tired of eating the same thing? Foodie dice help make sure no two meals are alike. Just shake the dice in the bag pour them out and instant ingredient ideas for the perfect meal. With over 186,000 combinations, you are sure to never have the same meal twice! (Uncommon Goods $24.00