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Kitchen Design: Finding The Perfect Kitchen Color Scheme

Colorful kitchens inspire us but finding the right pallet is often difficult at best, so we thought we would put together a list of color combinations to make it a bit easier for you.Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Kitchen Remodel Finding Kitchen Color Scheme


Ice blue, white, and dove gray. These colors complement each other and bring a light open feeling to the kitchen. A gray tile backsplash mixed with blue and white cabinets will create a sense of calm. Add a white marble countertop and wood floors to tie the room together.


Apple green, dark brown, and white. For the past few years, a rustic/industrial feel has entered our home design, so why not create that look in your kitchen. Match dark barn wood with white walls, and apple green cabinets. The green keeps the wood from making the room feel too dark and adds a touch of modern to the kitchen.


Navy and white. Navy is not just for nautical themed rooms anymore. Add white subway tiles and a white countertop to navy cabinets for a streamlined look. Wood floors or dark tile will ground the colors and add a sense of warmth.


Sometimes we hear of color combinations that don’t sound like they would work, this may be one of them, but the look is extraordinary. Dark orange and powder blue are opposites on the color wheel and, therefore, are complementary colors. Imagine orange walls, powder blue glass tile, and white cabinets for a kitchen that pops. To keep the colors from becoming overwhelming add a gray countertop.


Copper adds a rich feeling to any room. Match it with cream and you have a fresh, modern look that has an earthy feel. Add some dark chocolate accents, medium colored wood floors, and a neutral countertop to help carry the earthy theme throughout the entire room.


Colors in the same hue family tend to create a soothing feeling. White, cobalt blue, and pale blue together create a beachy atmosphere. Mix white cabinets, cobalt blue countertops, and pale blue walls.

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Kitchen Design Finding Kitchen Color Scheme

Gray and white kitchens are becoming a classic look if accessorized correctly. Try adding dark wood floors with bright red accessories for an all but bland look.


For an ultra-modern look consider black, white, and purple. Be sure your space has plenty of natural light with this combination to avoid a dark, cavernous feel. Stainless steel countertops help reflect light and light floors keep the room from feeling too grounded.


Orange and green create a funky, fun look in your kitchen. Mix the colors with light cabinets and flooring to add a casual feel.


The sales staff at Northeast Dream Kitchens is here to help you find the perfect color combination for your space. Call us or stop by our showroom today to learn more.