Kitchen Design Services

This is where the Dream magic happens. Everyone deserves a beautiful space and home. To get there together we need to know a little about you. Like a good tailor/seamstress measures you for a new dress or suit, we want to measure your desires and dreams for your perfect fit. Once we have an idea and vision about your lifestyle and what you love, we will measure for real (not you, the house).

Each designer will factor in your vision with their years of experience and ideas. To reach the New Image of your existing space, key home features with unique design flow will bring your dreams into reality.

Our designer’s will work with your existing features, the overall feel and colors so that it is a seamless transition from room to room. Value, connection and WOW factor is our every goal.

When one of our consultant’s gives you a design for the new space, it will include every possible detail.

If our computer cannot draw it, we will get out the crayons and draw it for you. See picture below:

Kitchen Design Services - Backsplash

If you will look closely at the sketch left, you will see that every illustrated in the sketch from the hanging light, knob, appliance, tile, existing door and window are all in play for every drawing.

In the computer design world the acronym WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get. An untruth, actually, as it was nearly impossible in the early stages of graphic design to achieve that look in print. Today we are all fortunate enough to give you the real deal. How about these other examples of computer-generated reality.