Kitchen Cabinets: Custom Manufacturers

We build and manufacture our own custom kitchen cabinets and customized cabinetry products. We can build your custom cabinets to meet any size requirements.

Our custom made cabinetry products are guaranteed and backed by a LIFETIME warranty.

Sometimes it is more economical to customize a stock cabinet to achieve the customized look shown in  the image below.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Dream Kitchen

The outer cabinets in this photo are only available in one standard depth. The inside three cabinets are customized at our custom cabinetry shop in Hamden, CT to achieve the desired look.

The crown molding on the cabinets is comprised of 6 different levels of components and there are 72 cuts represented in this crown molding to create the finished product.

The client was thrilled with the final look achieved by our master craftsmen.

Customizing cabinetry means:

“The look and feel of every aspect of our
projects are created with loving care.”