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Extend your Workspace with a kitchen island

When redesigning your kitchen, one of the first things we tend to think of is how to get more out of the space we have. And, with a new kitchen a whole world of opportunities arise. If you have the space, why not add a kitchen island?

Kitchen islands can help extend your workspace, add additional seating, or even divide a room. With so many styles and options to choose from where do you get started? Begin with the purpose of the island.

Consider first, is there enough space in my kitchen for a full island or do I have to modify my ideas to meet my needs? If space is no object, then consider a complete island.

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Full islands have multiple uses and can change the way you typically work in your kitchen. If placing a cooktop or sink on your island, you change the traditional work triangle of refrigerator, cooktop, and sink.

When putting a cooktop on an island, you will need to consider the venting options. A venting option above the cooktop is a traditional way to remove steam and cooking odors from your kitchen. If you choose downdraft venting, you will have to consider where the vent pipes are going to go. With a crawl space or basement, there is minimal construction. If you have a slab, the vents may have to break through the slab.

If you do have a cooktop in your island consider putting sliding shelves under the cooktop to store pots and pans for ease of use.

Adding a sink to the island creates a prep space. Remember the same issues as the cooktop applies, you may have to break into your slab to put the water pipes near the island sink. Put pull out waste bins and recycling bins under the sink to help reduce the amount of prep time when cooking.

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Some kitchen islands are used as room dividers. Use the island to display your favorite kitchen decorations or to add additional seating. Make it fun with bright colored stools.

Remember lighting, without it the workspace isn’t as useful. Unique pendant lights are an attractive option for kitchen islands. Choose some that won’t hang into your workspace and will supply enough lighting for you to see.
Kitchen islands don’t have to match your new cabinets. Use them as a focal point. If you have light cabinets, consider a dark exterior or painted surface for your island. If your kitchen has stone countertops, consider using a contrasting wood to warm up the room.

If you don’t have room for a traditional island, try using old furniture pieces that can be converted into a functioning island. Old console tables, dressers, chest of drawers, even a desk can be converted into a kitchen island.
If you are interested in adding a kitchen island to your new kitchen or if you are considering a cabinet upgrade, take a moment to stop by our showroom. The knowledgeable staff at Northeast Dream Kitchens will help you find the perfect kitchen solutions to match your lifestyle.