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Kitchen Design Trends: Kitchen Remodeling 2016

We are now halfway through the year and the new trends for 2016 are in the works for everything from cars to the interiors of our homes. We thought we would give you a little sneak peek into what kitchens will look like in the coming year. Some of these trends come from The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) study of over 400 designers to help determine what the new trends are going to be.Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Modern Kitchen Remodel Trends


In 2016, kitchens will continue to be the showpiece of a home. The trend from all white kitchens will be modified, and some darker elements will be brought in to offset and accent the stark white. Warm woods and dark floors will help to anchor the room and keep it from feeling too cold and too light.


Contemporary designs will continue to gain in popularity. Solid, bold colors, mixed with stark white cabinets with a shiny, sleek surface will be seen in more homes. Paired with bold wall colors and sleek floors these rooms are perfect for the minimalist. Adding to the contemporary feel, simple yet bold drawer pulls, frosted cabinet doors, and striking countertops will create a futuristic feel.Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Modern Kitchen Design Trends


Some designers are adding Scandinavian light wood elements into the sleek cabinets to ground the room and add warmth.


Industrial chic and mid-century designs are still going strong and will also gain in popularity in 2016. More homeowners are finding a charm in these looks that can be incorporated into any home design and lifestyle. These designs offer an opportunity to add multiple colors to create a striking yet comfortable look.


White will still be one of the most commonly chosen color schemes for kitchens in 2016, followed closely by Gray, but kitchens with multiple colors will begin to rise.


Homeowners are continuing to show a preference for pullouts and roll-outs in their kitchens. The majority of are adding features like docking stations and more accessible areas to create a more convenient and user-friendly kitchen space.


Kitchen design is ever evolving and as the trend to eat at home continues to rise, kitchens continuously become more convenient. 2016 trends are beginning to show that functionality is just as important as design. The design staff at Northeast Dream Kitchens is here to help you find the right look and functionality to meet your every lifestyle need call us or stop by our showroom today.