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Kitchen Remodeling: 2015 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Backsplash Trends

One of the most difficult decisions when remodeling your kitchen is choosing the right backsplash. The right backsplash can tie all of your kitchen elements together to make a cohesive look. At Northeast Dream Kitchen, we are here to help you find the one that fits your personality.

Do your research. Kitchen backsplashes follow trends and color changes just like any other interior design element.

So what do you look for? Find something that brings value to your home, but is appealing to you. Things like glass tile, tumbled stone with additional design elements, chalkboard paint, metal, stainless steel, and traditional subway tile are all trending right now.

Once you have determined the material, you will need to consider the look of the backsplash.

Glass tiles are timeless and create the illusion of a brighter and larger kitchen. The current trend with glass tile is to use them vertically instead of horizontally. This creates an artistic look to the backsplash. Work with neutral colors that go with any décor to ensure you are not overwhelming the kitchen.

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Light Colored Backsplash Kitchen Trends

If you choose to use tumbled stone, add a decorative border to add architectural elements to the backsplash.

Traditional tiles are moving away from the square look and into the rectangular look. The horizontal look for rectangular tiles mimics the horizontal look seen in the countertops. You can also incorporate horizontal cabinet pulls to showcase the horizontal elements in the backsplash.

Subway tiles have a timeless look that can withstand the test of time and the variety of design trends. Although, if the rest of your kitchen is plain you may want to consider a different type of backsplash, if not, the subway tile may help emphasize the plainness of the kitchen.

Stainless steel provides a modern, dramatic look to a kitchen. This material helps the kitchen seem larger because of its reflective properties. Be careful though, it is prone to scratches and dents if not properly maintained.

Northeast Dream Kitchens CT - Backsplash Kitchen Trends

Chalkboard paint is everywhere right now and can be incorporated into kitchens by using it as a backsplash. This material provides a whimsical look to the kitchen and is easily customizable.

Using larger, longer tiles can help the kitchen seem bigger.

Backsplashes don’t have to match the other kitchen elements, but they should blend in to complement the cabinets and the flooring.

If you want a cleaner look to your kitchen, consider going with uniform tiles or materials that can be uniformly placed. If you are looking for a space that is more personable add varying sizes and colors.

Don’t worry if you are on a tight budget there are still things you can do to create an amazing backsplash. Consider using basic tiles interspersed with stones or mosaics.

Renters can also update their backsplashes without having to spend a ton of money or upsetting their landlord. There are peel-and-stick metal wall tiles available to change the look of any rental kitchen. Tile decals are another option if you cannot change the actual backsplash.

Designing the backsplash is a collaboration between the designer and the homeowner. If you don’t have, an interior designer remember that most high-end tile showrooms will offer design services and can help you plan and execute a backsplash design.